Crestline® Dampening Systems

Crestline® Continuous Feed

The Crestline® Continuous Feed dampener is designed to provide an uninterrupted flowoffountain solution to the plate, delivering instant ink and water balance. Color is achieved in only a few sheets. The Crestline runs without alcohol for minimal maintenance and does not allow moisture to migrate back into the ink fountain.

Crestline dampeners are easy to use and include single lever control, gear driven operation, ball bearing construction and an easily removable water tray. Installation can be done in just a few hours, without altering the press, and any operator can be trained to use the dampener in less than an hour. The benefits of increased productivity and profits start the same day the dampener is installed.

  • Segregated from the ink train – no more moisture migrating back into the ink fountain
  • Instant ink and water balance – Crestline responds instantly to changes needed in ink and water balance
  • Runs without alcohol – Crestline provides a thinner film of moisture without the use of alcohol
  • Reduced paper waste – Since color is achieved in only a few sheets, paper waste is decreased significantly
  • Sharper, brighter color with less ink
  • No end seals to leak, wear out or replace
  • Installs without changing the ink train configuration, allowing for maximum inking power

Available for

A.B. Dick: 375, 8800 series, 8900, 9810-9850, 9870, 9900
A.M. Multigraphics: 1250, 1360, 1450, 1650, 1850, 1860, 1960
Hamada: E47, E47S, SU47, 500CDA, 600,665, 700, 775
Itek: 950, 960, 975, 985
Ryobi: 2700, 2800, 3200, 3200E, 3200MCD, 500N
Townsend: T-51(Stationary & Swing away)
A.B. Dick 9800: Anniversary Edition 8800, 9800

Crestline® Altra Series

  • Instant ink and water balance – no more waiting for molletons to get damp before printing
  • Runs without alcohol – Altra’s unique design provides a thinner film of moisture to the plate
  • Less paper waste – since color is achieved in only a few sheets, paper waste is decreased significantly
  • “Double-nip” oscillation – the oscillator is located between the form and intermediate rollers for improved milling of ink and water
  • Removableform roller – Altra uses the existing water form position for easier maintenance
  • Installs without changing the ink train configuration
  • Adaptable to any circulator

Available for

A.B. Dick: 9985, 9995
Hamada: C248, C252
Heidelberg: GTO46, GTO52
Ryobi: 3302M & 3302H, 3304H



The PowderPro® Spraying System uses suction instead of forced air to evenly raise powder to a consistent level in the jar, resulting in a consistent air/powder ratio delivered to the sheet. The PowderPro features independent distribution lines for each spray head, outer spray heads which can be turned off when printing narrow sheets, and an automatic powder-level compensation system.
  • PowderPro Spraying System is designed exclusively for small to medium-size presses.
  • PowderPro operates byintroducing airbetween the air and suction holes, creating an independent air flow between the two sides. Powder is adjusted by altering the air flow, leaving the vacuum side constant and eliminating any counteraction between the air and suction holes.
  • PowderPro uses suction, not forced air, to evenly raise the powder to a constant level in the jar. This uniform “lifting” of the powder, regardless of the amount of powder in the jar, results in an extremely consistent air/powder mix ratio being delivered to the sheet.
    • Available for:

      A.B. Dick: 9985, 9995
      Hamada: 234, 234A
      Itek: 960, 975, 985, 3985
      Ryobi: 2800, 3200, 3200MCD, 3302M & 3302H, 3304H

      Product specifications and model availability subject to change without notice.

Tempest® Drying Systems

Tempest® Drying Systems

  • The Tempest® Hot Air Dryer keeps the temperature of the pile constant to accelerate the drying process without the negative effects of excess heat.
  • Because the set temperature of the thermistor is lower than the flash point of paper, the most easily burned substrate such as tissue paper can be placed on top of the thermistor element without causing a fire.
  • Additional passes through the press can be made in significantly less time with fewer worries about set-off or blocking
  • Dramatically reduced powder use, resulting in less powder build on multiple pass work and higher print quality
  • Productivity increased as jobs can be folded, cut, bound, collated and delivered sooner.

Available for:

A.B. Dick: 9985, 9995
Hamada: C248, C252 H234 & 234A
Heidelberg: Quickmaster 46 (1 & 2 color)
Itek: 960, 975, 985, 3985
Ryobi: 2800,3200,3200MCD, 3302, 3304H, 512, 522 (excludes 522PF), 524, 524HX