Glass types
multiple color samples of glass

Discover the possibilities of glass

The right type of glass can be critical to your project’s success. Guardian Glass offers a range of glass options to meet your unique project goals. Explore the strengths, characteristics and possible combinations of each Guardian Glass type below.

Energy-efficient glass coatings that manage solar heat - a man and woman sitting together

Low-E glass

Energy-efficient glass coatings that manage solar heat

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National Arts Center front facade using jumbo glass

Jumbo glass

Jumbo coated glass impresses at first sight with expansive exteriors that communicate confidence

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a man holding a thin glass panel over a work bench

Thin glass

The perfect ingredient for sophisticated electronics, sensitive instruments and more

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Woman opening a refrigerator at a juice store

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Glass for refrigeration

Guardian offers glass products for commercial refrigerators that reduce energy costs and maximize product visibility.

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